When customers ask if I work in the rain the answer is a mixed one.


Rain - is a major concern when doing roofs. When there is moss or mildew on the roof, it becomes very slippery when wet. Therefore for safety reasons I don’t wash roofs in the rain. So if I’m washing the house and it starts to rain, I will finish the roof another day.


Thunder and lightning – I don’t work when it’s thundering and lightning. If it starts while I’m on the job I’ll sit in the truck and wait it out. It’s usually passes over in about 20 to 30 minutes. Then I resume doing the job. I hold a metal wand in my hand and will become a human lightning rod. Hey I like having an energy boost but I’ll stick with a gatorade and granola bar instead. Fewer side effects!


Wind - is very tricky. If I think I’ll be in danger washing that day, I’ll postpone to another date. Wind blows the detergent around and less lands on the house. Wind can also blow down ladders and can become very dangerous while working up on the roof. It can throw me off balance and that’s all she wrote.

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Heat - If the heat index is over about 100 degrees, I will reschedule. This depends a lot on the year. No heat postponements in summer 2015 or summer 2014.

Washing a house isn’t as easy as one might think. There are many dangers and obstacles one must overcome.

So in conclusion, if I thinks it’s to dangerous to wash your house in poor weather conditions and reschedule for another day ,please be respectful of my decision based on years of experience and lets schedule it for a safer day.

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