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Here are some things our very satisfied customers had to say about us.

Thank you very much for the wonderful job you did in our parsonage. We really appreciate it and pray for blessings in your life and business


Dr. Landsbury

Thanks for your work and for coming to touch up the gutters. Good luck with your music career.

Thank you,

Annette Marcus

I had been putting it off  but I really needed my house/patio cleaned. The guy I used last time specialized in power washing and was well established in Ridgefield. He did a really good job, but was not in business anymore. So I had to do some research. I learned there are basically 2 types of providers:

a)  regionals(county/state) that specialize.. probably do a good job, but are slow to respond and overcharge..
b)  locals that powerwash as a side job.. unconvincing on experience/ability to do the job right.

I was lucky to find you. He’s local, specializes in power washing, is very responsive, very well equipped, uses bio- degradable cleaners (no chemicals or bleach that can damage plants and shrubs), is price competitive and does a really great job. I highly recommend Superior Power Wash.

Kevin C.

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