7 Tips If Your Homeowner’s Insurance Requires Roof Power Washing

Homeowner’s Insurance Cancellation Letters

Sometimes, an insurance inspector will come out to your home when you have a new insurer, or major changes to your existing policy (coverage limits, dropping auto coverage), or sometimes just out of the blue after being a policyholder for many years. It is typically within the first 60 days of a new or renewed policy. Usually the inspector just drives by and notes what he or she can see from the road.  And sometimes, the inspector’s report will cause your insurance company to issue you a cancellation letter, meaning your policy will be terminated if you don’t fix the problems.

The theory is that moss/mildew/lichen are living things. Their growth is especially visible on North-facing roofs. Any one of them can eat through your shingles, leaving your roof more vulnerable to damage from ice, hail, wind, and storms.

1.) Yes, We Wash Roofs. It’s actually about 1/3 of what we do. We wash at least one roof a week, and usually more. Many people get their home washed at the same time, but it’s not necessary. If just washing your roof, we will rinse down the siding or decking as necessary afterwards because debris does come off the roof.

2.) Timeline. The insurance company will usually give you 30 days to get all the problems fixed. Some notices do not include a deadline, but your agent or insurance rep will start calling after about 30 days for an update. Depending on the weather, we generally work from late March through early December.

3.) Scheduling. Be sure to let us know that your roof wash is for homeowner’s insurance purposes, and we will squeeze you in. We’ve had customers call as little as one week before the deadline and we have squeezed them in. Do try to leave a little wiggle room if you can because roof work requires a day with no wind or rain. We can finish most roofs in one full day; some larger ones may take 2 days.

4.) Roofs Clean Up Nicely. Many people assume they need to spend thousands of dollars on a new roof if they see black streaks of mildew or green mold. Once Joe gets on the roof, he will tell you if it is spongy or otherwise shouldn’t be washed because it needs replacement. You won’t be responsible for the price of power washing. It’s actually pretty rare – only about 5-10% of roofs. The other 90-95% of roofs clean up beautifully.

5.) We’ll Take Photos for Your Agent. We will take “before” and “after” photos while on your roof. We will email you and/or your agent a receipt along with the photos. We are proud to say that the insurance companies have each accepted this the first time, no hassles for you.

6.) You Don’t Have to be Home. As long as all of the windows and doors are shut, you do not need to be home while Joe works. It’s one of the perks of hiring a professional! Or people come and go during the day, or have other contractors doing work on the home at the same time.

7.) We Take Credit Cards. Most of the insurance cancellation letters require homeowners to fix more than one problem. It can be a lot to handle in a single month. We do accept credit cards, in person or over the phone, for your convenience.